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6 October 2023  •  08:30 – 16:00

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  SPEAKER: Mr Craig Schneider

 TOPIC: Opening and welcome

  SPEAKER: Dr Larissa Panieri-Peter

 TOPIC: Reflections on forensics and psychiatry in Family Law matters

  SPEAKER: Adv Bernadine Bacher (Director of Saartjie Baartman Centre)

 TOPIC: Mediating in the context of Gender Based Violence

  SPEAKER: Ms Tarryn Johannes-Buttres

 TOPIC: Contact and Care – Perspectives from the Family Advocate

  SPEAKER: Ms Juazel de Villiers

 TOPIC: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – How Autism Spectrum Disorder impacts families

  SPEAKER: Dr Astrid Martalas

 TOPIC: Children who resist and refuse contact

  SPEAKER: Martin Yodaiken

 TOPIC: Voice of the Child vs Choice of the Child 

  SPEAKER: Adv Janet McCurdie

 TOPIC: Role of the Curator ad Litem 

  SPEAKER: Mr Ronald Addinall (UCT)

 TOPIC: Challenges for families. Transgender Children

  SPEAKER: John O’Leary

 TOPIC: Closing words

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