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CONFERENCE PROGRAM: Day 1:  18 November 2022

SPEAKER: Mr Laurie Greyvenstein – Chairman of Social Justice Association of Mediators

TOPIC: Opening & welcome

SPEAKER: Keynote speaker: John Brand – Retired Director Conflict Dynamics

TOPIC: Key lessons from a lifetime in conflict resolution

SPEAKER: Laurie Greyvenstein – Chairperson of NABFAM

TOPIC: Online Dispute Resolution

SPEAKER: Janine Kim Myburgh – Chairperson of the Legal Practice Council

TOPIC: Litigation when mediation is not an option

SPEAKER: Dr Serahni Symington – Psychologist and Mediator

TOPIC: The voice of the child


SPEAKER: Tania Bocher – Australian Psychologist & Mediator

TOPIC: Co-parenting APP for mediators and parents

SPEAKER: Martin Yodaiken – Clinical Psychologist & Mediator

TOPIC: Cognitive biases in mediation

SPEAKER: Professor Leentjie De Jong – Family Law Specialist & Mediator

TOPIC: Draft Family Dispute Resolution Bill


SPEAKERS: Gcobisa Sakwe – National Strategic Business Development Marina Short – CEO Consumer Profile Bureau

TOPIC: Listing of maintenance obligations with Consumer Profile Bureau

SPEAKER: John O’Leary – Member of the SASETA Committee

TOPIC: The process and progress made in professionalizing the industry

SPEAKER: Quinton Zimmerman – Debt specialist attorney

TOPIC: Reckless credit – what mediators should know

SPEAKER: Adv Christel LENAERS – Belgium Advocate & Mediator

TOPIC: Practice Management Software & Mediation in Belgium

PANEL:  Tracey-Leigh Wessels with USA Veterans:  Michael Lang, Crystal Thorpe, Andi Paus, Kristyn Carmichael, Georgia Daniels

TOPIC: Practice tips for mediation success – advice from veteran mediators – Part 1

SPEAKER: Theresa Luyt – Vice Chair of Social Justice Association of Mediators

TOPIC: Closing remarks

Conference Program

Conference program